How To Travel On A Budget!

You dream of travelling the world, but never believe you can afford to do it?

It is a common misconception, trust me! I budget travel. I’ve never had piles spare cash lying around, yet have travelled for many years and seen some incredibly beautiful places! The ability to travel on a budget is the key, especially with the fall in value of the pound. There are many budget friendly options you can choose, read the following guide for some cheap travel tips and advice on how to budget, and you will be jetting off to your dream destination in no time!

Budget Travel Tips

Flights can often be a huge expense and really make a dent in your travel fund, but there are ways to ensure you get a great deal and save yourself some hard earned cash to fund the rest of your trip.

Cheap flights

I recommend using the website which shows you the cheapest fares in or around your chosen date. The more flexible you can be with dates, the higher the chance of finding the best deal. You can select a whole month and see which date would be cheapest to fly to a particular destination. If you are travelling to multiple destinations on your trip, you may wish to look at flight prices first. Establish which country is cheapest to fly into and which to fly out from around your chosen dates, then plan your route accordingly.

Pack Light!

You can avoid costly checked baggage fees if you can take your backpack on as hand luggage. check out this link – What to pack

Remember.. if you travel slightly out of season you are more likely to save money on flights, accommodation and excursions! Pick a month leading into or out from the peak season for that particular country when the weather is still nice, but the prices are lower.

Check out this link to view – Best times to visit a country

Do your research.

Do your research when it comes to travelling around and between countries. There are many different options that are far more cost effective and enjoyable than flying, and of course you get to experience more of the country you are visiting! When travelling between cities I prefer to go by coach, train or sleeper bus, unless of course I have come across a ridiculously cheap flight that is more economic. Do not just buy tickets from the first vendor however, shop around and compare prices online and on the street. I usually ask the locals or speak to other backpackers and ask them for their recommendations. Remember.. the locals will usually know the cheapest form of transport, as many travel options aimed at tourists will be more expensive.

Top Tip!

Overnight sleeper buses / coaches and trains are a great way to save on accommodation costs for the night, they also make long haul trips slightly more comfortable.

If you are in Europe or Australia, buy a rail pass as you can save a fortune! And remember .. the cheapest form of travel is to walk, get some exercise, see the sights and truly experience

Choosing Destinations To Suit Your Budget

Be sensible! There are so many amazing destinations you can choose where you don’t have to break the bank, do your research. If you are travelling on a tight budget pick your destination accordingly. If you are planning on travelling to multiple destinations, make sure you allocate your time and money correctly by hitting the highlights of the more expensive destinations and spending more time in the cheaper countries.

Some of the cheapest destinations to travel are also the most beautiful and exciting, also try to avoid the more expensive commercial resorts and venture off the beaten track.

Cheap Travel Destinations – Cambodia, Laos, Nicaragua, Nepal, Vietnam, India, Bolivia


I have two top sources for cheap rooms and accommodation, my first being who are fantastic for finding awesome deals. You can apply filters to the listings so it will only show your accommodation within your budget, you can also view the properties on a map and sort the listings in price order. Remember.. if you are travelling with a partner, friend or group… it is often cheaper to book a double or twin room rather than a bed in a hostel, you also get more privacy and often your own bathroom which I find really helps.

Another fantastic option is AirBnB!

On this site you can hire either just a room in a shared property or an entire accommodation for very cheap rates! This option gives you more facilities such as a kitchen and sometimes laundry facilities, which can really help with other aspects of your travel budget if you can make your own food. On this site you can choose your budget and sort your options in order of price. Some accommodations also give you discounts if you book for a certain number of nights.

I would highly recommend setting up a profile and checking out some of the beautiful and cheap properties they have on there.

Click on the link below to get £30 free off your first booking with Airbnb!

Click here to check out Airbnb


Set Yourself A Daily Or Weekly Budget

Setting yourself a daily or weekly budget has been the key to my budget travelling. It is fairly simple, firstly deduct the cost of your outward and return flights (if you haven’t booked a return flight make an educated guess and set that aside).

Then deduct the remaining balance by the number of days you intend to travel, this is your rough daily travel budget, which will need to cover accommodation, travel between destinations, food and drink and excursions. If your daily budget seems too low, you may need to reconsider the length of time you are travelling or pick a cheaper destination. Again, do your research! check before you go and get a rough idea of how much food and accommodation is likely to cost you in each place, take notes of excursion prices and transport deals.

Cut down on costs and make your money go further

If you have a slightly more expensive excursion or long haul travel planned for one week, then save in other areas to accommodate the extra cost, book cheaper accommodation, eat from street vendors or make packed lunches to save on food costs and buy your beers at a local convenience store that week for huge savings!

I find the most efficient way of managing your travel budget is to download the TRAIL WALLET APP.. check out the video below for more information.

Working Or Volunteering Abroad

Another option for budget travel is to work or volunteer abroad. If you plan on volunteering, make sure you look for a free or low cost volunteer programme or a work exchange programme that will give you free food and lodging. Some great sites to check out are, and the WWOOF programme.

You could also decide to housesit and get totally free accommodation for looking after a persons property, Mindmyhouse

We hope you have found this page useful! If you have any other handy travel budget tips or advice, please leave us a comment we would love to hear from you!


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