Top 10 Travel Tips

Top 10 Travel Tips

We have been backpacking and travelling around the world for years! And whether its is a year long trip around Asia or a month jaunt in the Caribbean.. there are certain handy tips to remember.

1. Shop around!

This applies to everything and anything! Especially if you are travelling on a budget, from flights and accommodation, to local taxis and excursions. Don’t simply settle for the first option, take your time and find the best deal possible. Do not be afraid to haggle with prices of souvenirs or walk away from vendors until they accept a more suitable offer.

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2. Don’t over pack!

Trust us.. the weight of your backpack and the level of enjoyment of your trip go hand in hand. Lugging a huge, heavy backpack around in the heat can really put a downer on your day.

Pack the essentials and remember that most things you will need can be purchased locally on long trips.

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3. Take copies of important documents and travel details!

Imagine this…. you drop your phone in the sea and it has all your flight and accommodation details for the next week stored on it! Ok I suppose if you have a back up device or can get access to an internet café.. but it is always best to be on the safe side and take paper copies or print outs of your important travel information. Even if it is just hostel names, addresses and phone number scribbled down in a notebook somewhere.

For important documents such as your passport and travel insurance information photocopy these before leaving for your trip and keep in a secure waterproof wallet or folder. If you happen to lose the originals .. a photocopy will speed up the process of getting a replacement passport from your embassy.


4. Tell you bank you are going away and where!

One of the top travel tips..imagine you go to withdraw some cash, or make a transaction and your bank card gets declined because your bank has assumed its a fraudulent purchase! Its a real life scenario and has happened to us before. So always make sure you make your bank aware you are going away and which countries you plan on visiting. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Talk to the locals!

Who knows the area better? The cheapest but tastiest restaurants and bars, the best place to buy certain souvenirs, the safest roads and travel options and of course the best place in town to watch the sunrise and sunset. Remember, you are visiting a country to experience a different culture, the local people are part of this culture and your overall experience will be richer for it.

Learning a few simple words or phrases in the language goes a long way!

We have sometimes been truly entertained by the wonderful people we have met along the way!


6. Separate your money!

This travel tip is so important for a number of reasons: lost luggage, stolen wallets or even blocked credit cards. Firstly take multiple cards with you, all with access to online banking.. if you lose one, you can transfer the funds online to your spare card (keep them in separate bags). Secondly, you should also separate the cash you carry. Keep some cash in a zipped pocket, sock or somewhere different as back-up in case you misplace your wallet or purse.

7. Be prepared and pack over the counter medication and a simple first aid kit!

Simple things such as pain killers, blister plasters and Imodium can be a life saver on long trips away. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a pharmacy when you are in remote places, or sometimes you need medication for minor illnesses or stomach upsets during the night. Keep some on you at all times! Top Travel Tip!


8. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

So you’ve travelled across the globe to experience a whole new culture… do not limit yourself! Taste the foods you always thought you didn’t like, jump on that speedboat, ride that camel even if your nervous. Travelling is all about adventure, trying new things and embracing a totally different way of life. Not everything you try will be for you… you may make a tit out of yourself along the way or take a bite of something you really can’t swallow, but that’s the fun part! Laugh at yourself and you can always think, well at least I tried it!!

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9. Take the road less travelled

Some of the most exciting and interesting places we have visited have happened purely by chance. Try to avoid simply sticking to the well trodden Backpacker spots, many of these have now become vey commercial.. rows of over priced shops, bars and restaurants all selling the same things. For a more authentic and often beautiful experience, head these travel tips and go off route once in a while!


10. Do your research!

Before we hit a destination we always read up a much as we can to get a better understanding about the area. We usually take notes down of local transport links and opening times of attractions we wish to see. Reading travel blogs on the area is a great way of getting the inside info on all the best places to eat, drink and stay.

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We hope you found this page useful. Do you have any handy travel tips you can share with our readers? Please get in touch or leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you!