Planning A Trip

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and jet off on the adventure of a lifetime!

We don’t blame you! And planning a trip doesn’t have to be a daunting experience.

We have created this useful step-by-step guide to help you on your way.

Step 1 – Where to go?

Choosing where to travel to can depend on many factors including budget, length of trip and also the time of year. You may already have a destination in mind? If on for some inspiration.

Lets think about .. Costs – What is your budget?

You want to be able to afford the place you want to go to .. have a quick look at average hostel or guesthouse prices, and of course flights and travel fares cause a major dent in your budget… if you are permanently skint like us and prefer to get the most for your money.

Click on this link – How To Travel On A Budget!

Another major factor is Weather – When are you travelling?

Nobody wants to be caught up in torrential downpour the entire trip… unless your some kind of weird rain worshipper! So check out the average rainfall of each country you are thinking of travelling to and the average daily temperature. To make it easy.. click on this link – Best Time To Visit A Country – Weather Planner

Step 2 – Visas

Now you have chosen the countries you wish to visit,

you need to find out if these places have a visa-on-arrival system or if you will need to arrange a visa in advance?

Things to think about ..

Cost of visa for that country (make sure you have the correct money in the correct currency if it is visa on arrival)

Duration of visa… do not overstay your welcome! And if you need to arrange in advance, make sure you have done it in plenty of time before the trip.

Step 3 – Flights and travel

Are you planning on visiting just one country? or multiple destinations?

of course you don’t want to spend too much of your travel budget purely getting to and from destinations when that money could be spent on enjoying yourself! Do some research .. visit Skyscanner for cheap flights.. we tend to always use this website for the best deals.

It also pays to be flexible…. if your not too bothered about the order you visit the countries in or exact dates? have a play around and try a number of different flight patterns and dates on skyscanner until you find the cheapest option

click on this link – How to travel on a budget

for more cheap travel tips.

There are far cheaper ways to get around. Coaches, boat and train options usually save you a fair bit of money … plus you get to experience more of the country as you travel through it! If you are crossing a land or sea border make sure you research the Visa requirements of that crossing.

Step 4 – What do you want to see / do in each country?

Once you have your destinations in place.. consider why you wanted to visit those countries in the first place? was it for the beaches? the cities?

was it to do certain activities or to see certain places of interest? Think of where in the country you want to go and for how long. Your overland travel plans will go hand in hand with this. Some people like to book in advance, some like us.. prefer to wing it and simply go with the flow.

click on this link – Top 10 travel tips

Follow your dreams and tick off that bucket list!

Step 5 – Insurance and Vaccinations

It is so important to get the correct vaccinations for your trip, see your Doctor or Nurse well in advance, most recommend 10 weeks before your trip.

For insurance, a specialised backpacker insurance is recommended. Visit comparison sites for the best deals. These usually cover you for multiple countries and a wide range of the usual and unusual backpacking activities.

Step 6 – What to pack?

So your trip is booked, you have the correct Visas, flights, insurance, vaccinations and you have roughly thought of what activities you want to do and places you wish to see…

What on earth do you take and how will you fit everything in a backpack???

click on link below –

What to pack?

Are you thinking of planning a trip? Where are you going? What other information would you find useful? Please get in touch or leave us a comment! We would love to hear from you.