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Discover beautiful Tobago!

Tobago is a hidden gem, one of the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands, Tobago has everything you could possibly dream of for a paradise escape.

Often referred to as “The jewel in the Caribbean crown”, Tobago is still relatively unspoilt by the commercial tourism trade. Although it boasts everything you could need, the gorgeous white sandy beaches remain uncrowded for most of the season allowing you to truly relax, and soak up the sun and culture. With some of the most friendly and entertaining locals you can find, delicious local cuisine and accommodation and activities to suit all budgets, it’s time to grab your luggage and discover Tobago!

When to go?

Dry season in Tobago is from January to May, with clear skies and plenty of sunshine. Although the weather stays pleasant all year round with average temperatures in the low 80s, rain showers in the afternoons occur between June and December. These rain showers are often short lived, especially in the months just out of season, and the humidity is fairly low throughout the year. We always recommend travelling slightly out of season as hotels lower their prices and you usually find better deals on flights and excursions. We visited Tobago in mid December, and although we were met with an afternoon shower or two, for the most part the weather was glorious.

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Daily Budget

The currency in Tobago is Trinidad and Tobago Dollars, and the exchange rate (at the time of writing this post ) is 8.74 dollars to the pound. US Dollars are also accepted in some places and often goods or services can be quoted in either currency.

Tobago can accommodate all budgets, and prices vary greatly across the island. Obviously there are top end luxury hotels, tours and accommodations but as a budget traveller I will focus on the cheaper end of the scale.


You can easily comfortably cope on a daily budget of between £40-£60 depending on the type of accommodation you decide to book, for as little as £20 per night you can book an entire apartment on AirBnB whilst hotels are more pricey at around £35 a night for a budget room. Accommodation, however is the most expensive part of the trip. A local beer will set you back 10TD (£1.25) a taxi or mini-van for shorter trips cost around £2.50, or to hire a private taxi to drive you round this small island for the day your looking at around £20. Street food normally costs between £1-£6 and a “set meal” in a restaurant is roughly £9.

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Where to go?

Tobago is a tiny island at just 14km at its widest point and only 42km long, it is very easy to get around and see everything you want to during your trip. To drive its entire length is only an hour and a half, and the view is spectacular!

For old school Caribbean chill – Visit the sleepy yet stunning Castara Bay, with a number of local guest houses and budget tree top accommodation, this quiet yet beautiful location was our personal favourite. Castara has its own waterfall just a ten minute easy walk through the jungle, you can cool off and enjoy the views. There are some exceptional restaurants nestled in the hillside of the bay offering both traditional and European cuisine. This is our view from Alibaba’s sea breeze apartments in Castara…


Buccoo Reef, this large coral reef is one of Tobago’s must see attractions, you can catch a glass bottom boat tour which will take you round Pigeon Point, Store bay and on to Bucco Reef for the ultimate snorkelling experience!

Places to party in Tobago

Though you wouldn’t consider the sleepy island of Tobago a party place, it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun! Visit Sunday school In Buccoo every Sunday evening from 8pm, a loud and vibrant street party that kicks off with a steel band. At around 11pm the main sound system kicks in and Jamaican dancehall music and Soco fill the air. There are also plenty of lively bars and restaurants in Scarborough and Crown Point, some staying open till around 2am.. however in quieter areas of Tobago expect early closing times.


What can I say.. I didn’t encounter a beach that wasn’t breath taking, but our personal favourites would have to be Englishman’s Bay, Mount Irvine (also home to a huge golf course) and Pigeon Point. Get your cameras at the ready for some wonderful sunset photo opportunities.

Places of interest

The bioluminescent waters of Bon Accord Lagoon, hire a paddle board or kayak and float through this nature rich paradise. The quaint fishing village of Charlotteville. Check out the oldest protected forest in the Western hemisphere at Main Ridge Forest where you can spot armadillos, iguanas and many other exciting species.

Our Personal Tobago Highlights

Turtle hatching at Turtle Bay

Tobago is one of the worlds most important hatching nesting grounds and home to various species such as Hawksbill, Green Turtle and the endangered Leatherback. We were lucky enough to be in Tobago during hatching season and had the opportunity to help the locals assist the baby hatchlings safely to the sea as so many of them were being snatched up by the predatory seagulls and aquatic birds on the journey.

Meeting the friendly locals

One thing I can say about our travels through Tobago, we laughed a lot! The predominantly English speaking locals were some of the friendliest and welcoming we had encountered. Always eager to chat and give advice about their island, we felt relaxed and chilled out in their company.

Visiting the waterfalls of Tobago

We visited two beautiful waterfalls whilst in Tobago, the first being Argyle waterfall in Scarborough. This three tiered fall is 54 meters and is a pretty impressive sight. We paid $50 Tobago Dollars and walked 15-20 minutes through pretty woodland on a clearly marked path, which was enjoyable in itself due to the abundance of wildlife along the way. You can climb into the natural rock tubs on the second level, or head to the third level which is the best for swimming or swinging into the water from vines.

Our personal best however was the much smaller, less impressive Castara waterfall. Just a short 10 min hike through the rainforest along the stream, you reach the waterfall that cascades into a freshwater rockpool. The awesome thing was, as Castara is such a sleepy resort, both visits to this magical place we had the waterfall completely to ourselves!

We hope you have found this post useful, please check out some of our other posts below to help you plan your next trip, and don’t forget to leave us a comment! We would love to hear from you!

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  • WhodoIdo

    Love your short vlogs tempting us to visit Tobago! Soft white sand between the toes, plenty of sunshine, uncrowded beaches … sounds like paradise to me. I always find that waterfalls off the beaten track are the best!

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    It looks like a nice place to go, l’m saving It to my pinterest “place to visit” board. I on the look for my next sunny destination for my winter break

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    This is true. Tobago is pretty much unheard off by majority if traveler. Would love to go this underrated place while it is still in it’s original beauty.

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    I’ve heard so much about Tobago that I’m now very curious about this place! I loved that you added also a daily budget, it’s very useful to establish how much your trip will cost you!

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    Goodness, Tobago is such incredible. I’ve been hankering after a beach break location for a while now and I think this might have leapt to the top of the list! So much to experience, but I love the idea of seeing turtle hatching!

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    This looks like so much fun, truly a hidden gem! I’ve never really considered going to Tobago, but now I’m adding it to my list! The turtle hatching looks like an especially amazing experience, you’re so lucky to have witnessed that.

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    I love cricket and have heard so much about the Windies islands. This post tells me why Carribean is a highly sought after destination! The spirit is lively, the people are friendly. This makes it one of the most tourist friendly destination. By the way, loved the rendition of Karma Chameleon song!