Backpacking El Salvador on a budget

Backpacking El Salvador on a budget

Episode 4 is now out! Backpacking El Salvador on a budget. In our first YouTube travel series we backpack from Mexico down to Panama trying to stick to a tight budget.

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We have included a full price breakdown of costs and daily budget below the video.

Costs and Transport Information

On top of our accommodation and transport costs we had a daily budget of £15 each for food and drink. The prices in some of the places we stayed in were higher than Guatemala so we had no change left over and struggled some days to stay within our budget.

Travel from Antigua to San Salvador

We used only local buses throughout our travels in El Salvador, we caught the first bus from the bus station in Antigua, located behind the local market. The first bus was to Esculinta from Antigua, it took roughly 1 hour and cost only 80 pence or 8 Quetzals.

We then were ushered onto the next bus which took us all the way to Sonsonate (La Frontera) where we sorted immigration at the border. The bus took over 3 hours, this included a 40 minute pit stop. the price was 45 Quetzals which is £4.50.

There were two further buses to take on the other side of the border, don’t forget to change up your left over Quetzals to US dollars which is the currency in El Salvador.

We took a bus from the just outside the border to Sonsonate, the bus took around 2 hours and cost 90 Cents or 60 Pence.

To find the last bus, you have to walk through to the other side of the bus station in Sonsonate and cross over the road, although if you ask anyone they are more than happy to point you in the right direction. The bus from Sonsonate to San Salvador took around 2 hours and cost £3.70 ($5) for a large air conditioned coach.

San Salvador

We arrived in San Salvador late at night and with no accommodation booked! I recommend that you have somewhere already sorted to stay as it proved difficult finding a place with wifi in the dark. Also it is not the safest of cities to walk round at night. A kind taxi man showed us to a restaurant with wifi and we booked a last minute hotel through The Hotel was called Hostel Dona Marta and cost £9 each for a large double room with private bathroom. The hosts were lovely and arranged an Uber for us the following morning to get to Terminal de Oriente bus station where we found our next bus.

Travel from San Salvador to El Cuco

Our first bus went to San Miguel and cost $2.50 (£1.90) this was another big coach with air conditioning and took just over 2 hours.

Once in San Miguel we walked to the other side of the station to find the bus to El Cuco, the buses were all clearly marked. The fare was $1 each which is 74 pence and the bus took around 2 hours.

Lastly we got a taxi from Playa El Cuco to our accommodation which cost $2.50 (£1.90) each person.

El Cuco

We stayed at La Tortuga Verde which was a great experience, our mini double room was $9 per person, per night and we stayed for 3 nights. This worked out at £20 each for the duration of the stay.

Travel from El Cuco to San Miguel

We caught the bus back to San Miguel from the square in El Cuco and again it cost only $1 each or 75 pence.

San Miguel

Our last night in El Salvador was spent in San Miguel. We stayed in an AirBnB accommodation which cost us $14.50 (£10.76 each).

Total cost per person for 5 nights budget backpacking through El Salvador was £129.65

This included our £15 a day food and drink budget.

Total cost of our trip so far, 26 days backpacking through 4 countries was £913.91.

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